I was chosen

so lex and i got rachael this cat yesterday but he’s living at our house for now

he’s a shithead but so is every cat


i dont think i’ll ever stop reblogging this shit

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Draco Malfoy taking his Aunt, Bellatrix for a spin.


sabrina the teenage witch hired this balding man to play a high school student

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fuck whoever made this stupid ass post, you’re gonna tell me Drake can even spell iambic pentameter? get the fuck outta here with this

shakespeare died like a thousand years ago

please let go of his ancient nuts 

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I burned like 3/4 of my forearm on the oven while I was making chicken and my mom was like “honey put some butter on it it draws the heat out” so she was rubbing a stick of butter on my arm and my stepdad was like “what’s for dinner” as he walked in and saw her slathering my arm in butter and he just slowly backed away

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so i don’t even remember how many followers i had when i was last on here but just hang in there; i just moved into a new house and we don’t have internet yet so i’ll get on when i can to update but no promises really

fight us irl fight us irl

fight us irl